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The All on 4 implant offer

1 960 €
* 68% cheaper (Price in Europe 6130 €) €)

This price includes the following works and materials:

4 dental implants
4 abutments
12 temporary teeth (movable)
12 resin crowns (fixed teeth)
Implantology All on 4

This method is aimed both at edentulous patients who want a fixed prosthetic restoration, and at patients who have an insufficient amount of bone necessary to insert implants and are not candidates for conventional implant-prosthetic therapy.

Using the All-On – 4 method; Dental implants are inserted in the same day and in a few hours, a temporary but fixed prosthetic job is performed immediately which will remain until the implants are perfectly integrated into the bone. After about 4-6 months, definitive prosthetic rehabilitation will be performed, which will be screwed onto existing implants. The screw fixing will allow you to remove the restoration (fixed bridge) when necessary.

The specificity of this procedure is that the teeth are fixed on four implants. Thanks to the particular method of inserting the implants, bone reconstruction is not necessary, which is instead a requirement when it is necessary to reconstruct in patients who have total tooth loss.

This method absolutely improves the quality of life and represents excellent value for money!
The advantages of the all on 4 implant are:
minimum time spent in the dental clinic
short recovery period
absence of bone reconstruction
absence of the maxillary sinus lift and complex surgical procedures and represents a satisfactory aesthetic solution and allows correct oral hygiene maintenance.
Joseph C. Lane

Excellent clinic which has looked after my families dental healthcare for many years. Last year I received private treatment for a tooth implant and the whole process was professionally managed and delivered.

Jenny M. Fischer

I am so grateful for the opportunity to come to the Loma Linda School of Dentistry. The prices are more than fair and my mouth is already doing much better. Everyone is helpful

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