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Warranty for the performed treatment

For all dental services, our clinic offers a certificate of guarantee and invoice, code of implants and biomaterials. The fact remains that our polyclinic collaborates with several companies in Europe, Asia, America and is an official representative and distributor in Moldova.

Employees are constantly participating in international trade fairs, conferences and courses for professional development. The guarantee and the duration of the same are valid if the patient meets the instructions below:

  • The validity is guaranteed with the condition that the patient make periodic checks by his own dentist.
  • The guarantee is suspended in the case of diseases such as: diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, chemo-radiation therapy.
  • The guarantee is not valid in case of periodontitis diagnosis. Due to incorrect oral hygiene and the lack of regular check-ups at our clinic or at your dentist.
  • The guarantee is not valid in the event that mobile works are not regularly maintained according to the doctor's instructions. Not even for mechanical damage caused by carelessness such as accidental falls. In the case of mechanical damage, the patient is required to contact a doctor in the following 48 hours.
  • The patient must follow the doctor's instructions for proper maintenance of oral hygiene.

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