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Dental whitening

Sbiancamento dentale

It is a procedure that improves the color of your teeth, making them definitely whiter. Teeth are inherently presented in shades that can range from light yellow to gray to brown. Typically, you go to your dentist for similar treatments, thanks to the advanced techniques and tools you can use to resolve the situation and improve your smile aesthetics.

It is clear that undergoing dental bleaching at the dentist will be very different from what you would do yourself. In the latter case, it is not convenient to rely on grandma's remedies: actions such as piercing bicarbonate on the teeth or using lemon leaves ultimately damage the dental structure in the process of gradual abrasion. Abrasive toothpastes, carbamide peroxide gel masks, whitening pens or adhesive strips are all tools that help whiten teeth, even if the effect is not as long as professional whitening.

The most popular teeth whitening methods:

  • Laser teeth whitening;
  • Home whitening, with an individual mask.

LED teeth whitening consists of a procedure that uses cold light to activate the first phase of the teeth whitening process in 20 minutes. The whitening gel formula was born in 2003 in the United States and is ideal for those who regularly consume coffee, red wine, sodas, and tobacco smoke. The procedure allows you to restore the natural color of the teeth and, as a rule, is carried out after the visit without the obligatory assessment and professional teeth cleaning.

The quality of the intervention is beyond question. In addition, treatment:

  • does not damage tooth enamel;
  • does not damage the gums;
  • can be repeated as often as desired;
  • no tooth sensitivity;
  • visible results of the first session.

Among the disadvantages, we list only isolated cases of discomfort in the days after treatment. In the case of pregnancy, treatment is not recommended as there is no research to support the possible consequences for the fetus.

Laser teeth whitening
(ZOOM type)

The best example of technology in cosmetic dentistry is ZOOM, a professional laser teeth whitening system that is performed in no time thanks to a revolutionary light beam process. The aim of laser teeth whitening is to whiten discolored teeth, remove stains from enamel, dentine and achieve a bright smile.

Sbiancamento dentale

A protective gel is applied to the gums, and a whitening gel is applied to the teeth, the action of which is stimulated by a laser lamp.

The procedure is performed over 3-4 sessions, for a total of 45-60 minutes, depending on the desired result and the sensitivity of each patient's teeth.

Benefits of laser teeth whitening:

  • Teeth whitening procedure is harmless and painless;
  • With this type of whitening, you can achieve a lightening of the teeth color by 8-10 shades;
  • The minimum time required to obtain the desired result;
  • Possesses the highest degree of efficiency.

Disadvantages of laser teeth whitening:

  • The only discomfort for some patients is to remain with an open mouth during the procedure;
  • Sensitive teeth for several days;
  • The costs are higher than other whitening systems.

Home whitening with individual mouthguard

This procedure is performed by a patient who follows the dentist's instructions at home. According to the impression of the teeth on which the whitening gel is applied, two silicone trays are prepared, which are used for 14-15 nights for about 2-6 hours a day, but this depends rather on the desired effect.

Benefits of home whitening:

  • Whitening effect up to 3-6 shades;
  • Affordable price compared to professional teeth whitening services.

Disadvantages of home whitening:

  • Longer duration of treatment than laser teeth whitening;
  • The result depends on the patient (the patient must follow all the dentist's advice).

Who is not recommended to whiten teeth?

  • children under 18;
  • pregnant women;
  • people with decayed, sensitive teeth, with dental fluorosis.

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