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Removal of tartar

faccette dentali

Professional dental cleaning is a set of practices that allows you to correctly and consistently remove bacterial plaque from the tooth surface to avoid gum inflammation caused by bacteria present in plaque that deposits and accumulates on teeth and in the mouth.

Daily home teeth brushing is not enough to deeply remove plaque and bacteria that form on the surface of the teeth, especially on the inner and most hidden sides of the teeth, as well as at the border of the gums. To do this, you must undergo professional oral hygiene sessions, which consist of the precise and thorough removal of any plaque and tartar residue from the surface of your teeth.

Plaque removal is the removal of plaque and tartar from teeth and gums. During daily household brushing, brushing maneuvers are performed using a manual or electric toothbrush, gum-to-tooth brushing, and circular brushing on the chewing surfaces of all teeth to remove tartar or plaque, but true removal of these elements can be accomplished. only in the clinic by a dental hygienist or dental cleaning professional.

Ablazione del tartaro

During a professional hygiene session, sub- and supra-gingival calculus is removed manually or ultrasonically, and then the teeth are cleaned by polishing the dental surfaces. Removal of subgingival deposits is of fundamental importance for the removal of the most deposited residues of plaque and tartar and for the subsequent prevention of dangerous periodontal diseases.

Lack or improper oral hygiene leads to retraction of the gums and the appearance of periodontal diseases, which are often underestimated, but at the same time are especially dangerous for the health of the gums, which in the worst cases of pyorrhea leads to retraction of the gum tissue, a real loss of dental elements. Lack of proper oral hygiene can seriously impair gum health, leading to inflammation and swelling of the gum tissue, or even irreversible damage.

Dental hygiene is a practice that we all need, at any age, daily and several times a day, after every meal.

A professional oral hygiene session is a prophylaxis that should be carried out regularly, but at different intervals, depending on the patient's specific health conditions, taking into account the quality and effectiveness of one's own dental hygiene, genetic predisposition, and the individual shape and position of the teeth.

Prevention is a very useful tool for those who want to prevent periodontal disease, maintain oral health with particular care, control their bacterial status, and for those who have or suspect a family history of gum disease.

Ablazione del tartaro

Advices for Maintaining Oral Hygiene

After your tartar removal procedure, the most important tips you can follow are:

  • Perform daily home dental hygiene after every meal;
  • Avoid, at least in the first hours after treatment, consuming drinks or foods that stain your teeth;
  • Always brush your teeth after consuming food and drinks such as licorice, coffee, wine and tea;
  • Use a special mouthwash to disinfect your gums, but only after consulting your hygienist.

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