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All these services are rendered to allow patients to enjoy a healthy lifestyle in which they have
no hesitation in showing their beautiful smile.


Dental implantology allows to replace one or more lost dental elements with "artificial roots" in titanium which, through a biological process called osseointegration, allow the application of a fixed prosthesis.

Estetica Dentale
Dental Aesthetics

Dental aesthetics is a branch of dentistry that deals with problems related to oral harmony, with the aim of giving a perfect smile. It is a treatment that affects those people who have asymmetries in the oral cavity.

Chirurgia Dentale
Dental Surgery

Oral surgery is the set of therapies and surgical treatments carried out within the oral cavity. This type of treatment consists of small-scale operations which, however, entail significant improvements in oral health.

Corone Dentale
Dental crowns

Dental crowns are prostheses that cover damaged, broken, or otherwise compromised teeth, strengthening them in order to guarantee their functionality. They are applied when the tooth is damaged but not to be removed, in this way its functionality is saved and thus recovered.

Cura Canalare
Root Canal Care

Root canal treatment is the treatment that allows the tooth to be saved from extraction in case of pulp infection / pain. It consists of the most complete removal of the dental pulp ("nerve") along the entire length of the roots.

Preventivo Dentista

The dental quote is a personalized and detailed list with dental treatments and all the costs to be incurred for the dental tour. You will know all the costs in advance, the price you will have to pay the travel and accommodation costs to the dentist.