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What are dental implants?

Impianti dentali

Dental implants are a dental technique that allows to replace a natural tooth with an artificial one.
The implant consists of a specific screw made of biological titanium, which is installed in the bone, in other words, it is the process of replacing the root of a missing natural tooth with an artificial one.
The implant connects to the bone and after about a month it will be able to support a ceramic capsule that will perfectly reproduce a real tooth.
Nowadays, the implant can be installed even immediately after tooth extraction.
This intervention is highly demanded by patients, because they can immediately improve the aesthetic aspect of their smile..
It is also possible to install several implants in one surgical intervention, without feeling pain and discomfort for the patient.
If necessary, we can restore a whole dentition, and in the shortest possible time you will have healthy and aesthetically perfect teeth.

Main components of a dental implant

Replacing a lost tooth may require the use of an indefinite number of components, as some parts can form a single complex. In general, the dental surgeon will use the following parts:

  • dental implant;
  • abutment (or MUA) (connection between implant and crown);
  • crown;
  • connecting and / or healing screws.

A dental implant is just a screw and performs the function of replacing the tooth root inside the bone. The implant is made of biological titanium and is at the center of the , osseointegration process, that is, the process by which the dental implant “grows” into the bone and which allows to guarantee the stability required for rehabilitation.

The abutment and the MUA are connecting components, that is, they allow the dental implant to be connected to the crown. The crown is the visible part that allows you to fully restore chewing and aesthetic functions.

Finally, the connecting screws allow all components to be fixed together (in some cases, cement is used). In some cases, healing screws are also added to these parts, which are necessary for some methods of implantology.

impianti dentali

Dental implantology - indications and limitations

Dental implantology is a branch of dentistry , that aims to replace missing dental elements with artificial titanium roots / posts. This is because the loss of dental element causes a decrease in chewing function, which in turn affects the function of the underlying bone, slowly causing a loss of its mass and density.

The main reasons of the loss of dental elements can be different: oral pathology, caries, periodontal processes and contact trauma. In the cause of a tooth loss, the patient and the dentist must face two decisions that may seem inconsistent, but which are strictly interrelated: is it advisable to replace the missing tooth and which replacement method is most appropriate. The age and general health of the patient should be considered as fundamental factors.

There are a number of rehabilitation options for the treatment of edentulous arches (complete or partial missing teeth), which is supported by clinical data based on the specific conditions presented by the patient.

These rehabilitation options include:

  • partial or complete removable dentures;
  • temporary bridge structures;
  • permanent dentures installed on titanium implants.

Each of these treatments has specific indications.

Implantology can be divided into traditional implantology, where the implant can be used to position the final prosthesis after several months of osseointegration, or in implantology after extraction, when there are no infectious problems, abscesses or cysts in the area of extraction of the affected tooth, the implant can be installed immediately. The latter procedure is the least traumatic for both the gum and the bone, given that the implant is installed in the alveola of the tooth, that is, the space left by the extracted tooth.

Finally, we have a third method, the Immediate Loading System, which allows immediate placement of the temporary prosthesis on the newly installed implant.

Impianti Dentali

This method allows one or more areas of the edentulous jaw to be restored, making life easier for the patient, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. The final prosthesis will be applied in a few months.

Modern dental implants are practically indistinguishable from natural teeth after prosthetics; they are usually installed in a single session and require a period of osseointegration (bone ingrowth into the implant), which can last from 3 to 6 months.

After this period of time, the surgeon can screw the abutment into the implant, which is now osseointegrated, in order to be able to first place a temporary and then a permanent crown. It should also be noted that the introduction of the implant into the bone tissue is absolutely painless, in fact it is less traumatic than simple removal. A week after surgery, the patient may have a little swelling, but pain almost never occurs.

Nowadays there are many dental implant manufacturers. Here are some brands that have a good reputation among dentists around the world:
– Alpha Bio (Israel)
–Jd Evolution (Italy),
–Bredent (Germany),
–Megagen (Korea),
–Dentium (Korea);
– Nobel Biocare; (Switzerland);
– Zimmer (USA);
– Straumann (Switzerland) , etc.

For example, our dental clinic decided to work with dental implants of the Alpha Bio (Israel) and Hexacone (Switzerland) brands. Alpha Bio and Hexacone implants integrate very well with the bone and do not create additional problems for the patient. These are very good products in terms of quality as well as price.

It is very important to choose a brand of dental implant known as a quality product, but the experience and qualifications of a dentist are also important. A dental implant, being an even better-known brand, can fall out if it is not installed correctly.

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