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The all-on-6 method

Il Metodo All On 6

"All on six" is a new generation implantology method, which includes the installation of a denture to completely replace missing natural teeth, with fixing it on six implants. This method involves the installation of temporary teeth in one intervention or in any case within 24 hours with immediate (temporary) loading, which is then replaced (after three to six months) with the permanent one. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and, as a preparatory step, considers the removal of the patient's roots or natural teeth and the subsequent placement of implants, three for each, right and left, half of the dental arch.

The temporary prosthesis is initially fixed on the implants, later replaced within a few months by the permanent, and the patient can choose between a removable prosthesis, which can be removed at night or for other cases, or a fixed one, which recreates the dentition. Typically, patients prefer a fixed denture because it accurately restores the dental arch, giving the impression of real teeth.

The intervention is not very aggressive and gives immediate results, so within a few days the patient resumes his daily life and the food intake is maintained without any disturbance. This intervention, in comparison with "All on four", is often chosen for those who have a congenital absence of the rudiment of a permanent tooth, thus, with the installation of 6 implants, we are able to rehabilitate the entire dental arch, restoring the patient's vital and social activities.

All materials used by dental implantologists comply with very high European standards, thus avoiding the occurrence of allergies or intolerances. In addition, abutments, i.e. pins that are inserted into an implant, are made of titanium or surgical steel, which are known to be completely harmless materials, and are also used for other types of installations, such as prosthetic prostheses, with brilliant success.

Pain is the first element that implant surgeons try to avoid. The intervention is performed under local anesthesia. We are not talking about pain, but about simple discomfort only in the postoperative phase, especially with the depletion of anesthetic effects, but these symptoms are perfectly tolerated by all patients and are relieved by any pain reliever, even not too strong.

The duration of the intervention depends on various circumstances related to the patient's clinical situation. However, in general, you can indicate an average duration of 3-5 hours, no more. For younger and more susceptible patients, this period of time can also be reduced, since the reaction to the implantation, being immediately positive, greatly facilitates the procedure. The preoperative moment, the phase in which the anesthetic is administered, is also calculated over the specified time, so the period is relatively short and bearable for all patients.

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