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The importance of the estimate

preventivo dentale

Firstly, you need a dentist consultation, because this way you can find out how much the treatment (implant or crown) or the entire dental treatment will cost you, and you can find out the prices of your dentist with us.

After consulting a dentist, you can decide if you should get your teeth treated abroad.

What do you need to do to get a dentist consultation?

To get a quote from your dentist for dental care, you must email your panoramic X-ray electronically with a description of the problem. X-rays are absolutely necessary, however some problems, such as minor caries or gingivitis, can only be seen in the patient's mouth. Therefore, if you know of any problem from another dentist, you can make a short description of the problem. This is the only way to have a personalized dental consultation.

X-rays can be easily emailed anywhere in the world in just a few minutes. With this, the dentist can have a general idea of the condition of the teeth. However, if there is abrupt bone resorption, the dentist will ask for a computed tomography (axial computed tomography) scan to make sure the conditions are right for dental implants.

Our clinic is highly specialized in the rehabilitation of complex cases, both on natural teeth and on implants or mixed.

Very advanced pyorrhea, large granulomas, maxillary cysts, extensive tooth loss, previously badly damaged and poorly processed elements, long years of wearing bridges for secondary caries, which finally disrupted their functioning.

Some of the reasons mentioned above, which often add together, lead the patient to find himself in extremely difficult situations that are often considered "intractable". Not for our clinic. In fact, our team offers all these patients comprehensive and multidisciplinary dental procedures that allow for real and positive recovery with functional and aesthetic oral normalization.

The experience, competence, professionalism of our team, combined with excellent manual skills, diagnostic capabilities and the installation of the most suitable treatment plans, allow the patient to find the ideal shape of the teeth in ideal temporary and other conditions.

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