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Dental Crowns

corone dentali

What is an artificial crown?

An artificial dental crown is a fixed prosthesis that covers our tooth from the outside. It is like a natural dental crown, but in fact it is made of a material different from our tooth, but resembles it in shape and color, to replace the latter if necessary.

What material are dental crowns made of?

There are different types of materials:

1.PFM (porcelain-fused-to-metal) crowns

The inner part of a such prosthesis is made of metal and the outer part is made of porcelain, on the one hand, this design has good strength, and on the other hand, it is extremely aesthetic. PFM crowns are the best solution for restoring any group of teeth. Crowns last at least seven years, but in most cases much longer, up to 40 years.

They have excellent durability and aesthetics. Compared to PFM crowns, they are much lighter and have twice the strength. They are aesthetically the best, but also the most expensive.

It is made without metal bases, and this is what gives the dental technician more options for obtaining natural transparency and aesthetics at a higher level. Obviously, a crown that does not have a dark gray metal support is better chromatically integrated with the natural tooth. Once cemented, it cannot be distinguished from the adjacent teeth.
It is also important to remember that ceramics are biocompatible, which means that the body never shows signs of allergy or rejection. .

Temporary resin crowns are those used to protect prepared teeth (with low volume) in the period between dental impressions and the delivery of the final crown in the chosen material.

Dental prosthesis

Dental prosthesis is a mobile dental substitute that replaces missing teeth. There are different types of dentures.

Fixed dental prostheses

The fixed prosthesis replaces the lost teeth or corrects the lost tooth from an aesthetic or functional point of view. The fixed prosthesis is permanently cemented on the teeth or implants.

protesi dentali

These are veneers, crowns (artificial substitutes for a single tooth) and bridges (replaced with several dental elements) cemented on natural support pillars (adjacent teeth) and therefore cannot be detached by the patient. .

Removable denture

In cases when it is impossible to replace the extracted teeth with a fixed prosthesis, prosthetics are performed using a removable prosthesis, full or partial./p>

Removable dentures are mobile structures that replace natural teeth. The patient should remove dentures for oral hygiene at least once a day.

A removable denture can be complete or partial.

Complete removable dentures can be made from acrylates only, while partial dentures can be made from:

  • acrylic (no metal base)
  • wironit (metal base)
  • acetal (flexible white material, metal free)

Partially fixed dentures

Partially fixed dentures are divided into two parts, of which:
one part is fixed in the mouth (PFM bridge), while the wironit prosthesis has a movable part of the prosthesis and is removed only for oral hygiene. This is an excellent solution when it is impossible to apply the method of dental implantology.

It takes time for everyone to get used to the prosthesis. The habit period is individual, but it may take up to two months to get comfortable with it.

I lavori semifissi

Good maintenance is essential for the long life of this denture.

We recommend removing and cleaning the denture daily with regular toothpastes, and removing the denture at night and keeping it in a mild antiseptic solution.

Removing the prosthesis at night allows the gums to heal normally and promotes normal salivation.

Even after the prosthesis has been installed, it is imperative to visit your dentist regularly to supervise your oral health and treat any gum disease.

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