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The all-on-4 method

Il metodo all on four

Removable dentures can often lead to a number of inconveniences for the patient, such as insufficient stability of the teeth inside the mouth or irritation, the need to always remove the denture to perform oral hygiene. A psychological aesthetic problem may also arise, especially in young patients who have to wear removable teeth.
Today, however, it is possible to permanently fix the prosthesis on only 4 implants to make it stable.

All-on-Four implantology is a modern dental technique that allows you to rehabilitate entire damaged dental arches with or without teeth.
The all-on-four is an immediate loading procedure that involves placing 4 implants in defined strategic positions in one intervention. Hence the abbreviation All-on-4: all on four.

Unlike traditional implantology, the all-on-four method allows the patient to regain their smile and start chewing in just 24 hours. Fixed prostheses are practically immediately screwed onto implants, without waiting for 3-6 months of complete osseointegration, which is necessary for other methods in implantology.
Choosing an all-on-four implant allows those who have lost their teeth in the past to have a full and functional dentition, renew their eating habits and have a beautiful smile again.
All on four dental implants provide the patient with a dentition that appears natural, perfectly matched to the palate, and is generally well tolerated even by older patients.

This operation requires a lot of experience in the field of surgery and prosthetics, as the all-in-four implants are the necessary support for the prosthesis and therefore must function correctly and not be subject to risks and / or complications.

It is important to select a professional who has been involved in implantology for years and therefore performs safe and effective manipulations that take into account specific anatomical situations, such as the maxillary sinus and mandibular nerve, which should not be affected by the intervention.

"All in four" is indicated for:

  • patients with at least one edentulous upper or lower arch;
  • patients suffering from a severe form of periodontal pathology when all teeth should be extracted and in require of full prosthetic rehabilitation
  • patients with poor dental bone structure, which is not enough to make prostheses on implants using traditional methods.

The All-on-four method involves the insertion of four implants, from which the name derives, which are placed around the perimeter of the gum at strategic points in the mouth. Above them, a fixed prosthesis is installed, which accurately reproduces the dimensions and dimensions of the original dental arch.

With All-on-four, the dentist avoids tooth-by-tooth implants, as in traditional surgeries, but restores the individual patient's original structure in one intervention. By using the all-four method, it is possible to reduce the time and cost of the intervention, which is higher than with a simple denture. Moreover, the innovative method makes it possible to restore the functionality of the oral cavity with an optimal long-term result, improving the quality of life.

Before embarking on the all-in-four method, dentists carefully plan treatment: the first step in is the initial visit to check the patient's overall health.
A thorough X-ray is then taken to assess the quantity and quality of the bone and to obtain dental arch prints.

How does the intervention take place

The intervention is usually carried out with simple local anesthesia, but in special or difficult cases, sedation or general anesthesia can be used to avoid complications of the patient's condition such as stress and anxiety.
The treatment continues until the patient regains his smile and his dental arch is fully rehabilitated.

All-in-four implantation is extremely convenient for the patient: even after a few hours he can eat and smile again.

All four dental implants are titanium posts (a biocompatible material that does not cause allergic foreign body reactions) that are inserted into the bone.

Thus, the endoscopic implant becomes part of the body, restoring the damaged dental arch. With regular clinical checks, good oral hygiene and, except for special changes in general health, the implant may serve the whole life.

Another feature of the immediate loading dental implants in the All on Four technique is that they are tilted. The dental implant tilt technique presented in the All-on-four method does not actually affect anatomical structures such as the inferior alveolar nerve, sinus cavities and nasal cavities. The implant tilt also recreates the ideal support area that optimizes the support of the prosthesis.

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