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Authentic tourism - 5 places you need to see
if you come to Moldova

The Republic of Moldova, the most eastern point of Europe, can surprise you with attractions that are not found anywhere in the world. Are you ready to find out which are the 5 most famous and spectacular tourist attractions of the Republic of Moldova? We have prepared an imaginary baggage for your holidays, you just have to explore them, first with your eyes and then through your steps.


Cricova The empire of selected wines.

If you arrive in the Republic of Moldova, you cannot miss the largest winery in the country. The famous underground city, where the most aromatic liqueurs are kept, covers an area of 53 hectares. This is also the main reason why it is one of the most popular tourist destinations.
The underground complex consists of a museum with unique exhibits and tasting rooms. This is the final and most awaited point in this great winery.
Hey, do you already taste a bittersweet taste? It is the taste of delicious wine!


The National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History
A century of traditions

The capital also has its treasures. These include the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History. It is the oldest museum in Moldova, founded 130 years ago. During the activity, the museum managed to collect a heritage of over 140 thousand pieces. The most precious is the skeleton of a Deinotherium gigantissmimum, about 6 meters long and 4 meters high.
Furthermore, depending on the period in which you visit it, you can also attend themed exhibitions, followed by interactive activities.


Orheiul Vechi The place where eternity was born

When you arrive in Orheiul Vechi, you will have the impression that time has stopped here. It is the place where very few changes or renovations have been made. Here in fact, there is nothing to change .. everything is already perfect!
First you will pay the entrance ticket, to then be able to visit the rocky hills. You don't really need a guide. The guide will be the wind that will lead you on the paths made by the billions of visitors' steps.
You can see the rock monastery, the Cave, built right in the rock. At the exit you will be struck by the silence of the river which, necessarily, will make you stop and listen to your thoughts.


Fortress of Soroca

In the struggle with the barbarians, Moldova tried to defend itself better. For this reason, several fortresses were built along the Nistru river, where soldiers were guarding. One of the remaining fortresses to date is the Soroca fortress. The architectural masterpiece of the Republic of Moldova attracts thousands of tourists every year. If you like history and want to discover the most important secrets hidden within the fortress walls, you must necessarily come here. To visit there is also the Candle of gratitude, which you will always find in Soroca. To get there, you have to climb 600 steps!


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The best way to get to knowMoldovan cultureis to try typical Moldovan dishes !!

It is not the most renowned but the Moldavian cuisine has very tasty traditional dishes to try. Its gastronomy is in fact varied thanks to the influence of nearby cultures, presenting dishes rich in meat and vegetables. Just the Ottoman influence has led to a strong use in traditional meat dishes, and especially lamb.

After dinner we cannot avoid visiting Chișinău by night, which will satisfy all your desire for fun. In recent years, the nightlife in the Moldovan capital has developed a lot thanks to the opening of many night clubs, where you can spend your free time having fun.