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The Zirconium Capsules Offer

3 040 €
* 65% cheaper (Price in Europe 8 500 €) €)

This price includes the following works and materials:

Complete arch
14 zirconium capsules
The zirconium crown - an ultra-modern and super efficient solution to replace missing teeth, which will make you smile more often!
Capsules - artificial dental crown

The term "capsule" is used in the dental field to indicate an artificial dental crown. The dental capsule is indicated in the following circumstances:

  • The tooth is affected by extensive and deep caries, and cannot be restored by simple filling;
  • The tooth is seriously compromised by dental pulp infections (pulpitis);
  • The tooth is chipped, broken or seriously damaged: in such circumstances it is necessary to intervene to improve the aesthetics of the smile;
  • The tooth is extremely fragile and subject to breakage;
  • The tooth has been devitalized and needs a new artificial crown;
  • Cover a dental implant.
Capsule materials and types:
Metal-ceramic dental capsule
Zirconium capsules
Full ceramic capsules
Temporary resin capsules
Joseph C. Lane

Excellent clinic which has looked after my families dental healthcare for many years. Last year I received private treatment for a tooth implant and the whole process was professionally managed and delivered.

Jenny M. Fischer

I am so grateful for the opportunity to come to the Loma Linda School of Dentistry. The prices are more than fair and my mouth is already doing much better. Everyone is helpful

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